Siberia Software SL started as a IBM business partner. The company develops software that helps to support backup and storage management system IBM Tivoli Storage Manager. Today, our products TSMExplorer enable to effectively manage data, efficiently solve problems, analyze and optimize processs of TSM Servers.
The application has three main functions.
Control function
This is a user-friendly web application, which allows to completely replace the console control and makes the job of TSM administrators much easier. The main advantages are:
  • The centralized web interface. Work from any location!
  • Easy installation of the product.
  • Manage of multiple TSM servers is carried out from a single point of entry
  • The solution runs on the platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, AIX, Solaris
  • Low requirements of hardware resources
  • The solution allows even the less-advanced administrators and operators to manage the TSM servers
  • Convenient schedules to provide key information
  • Distribution of management responsibilities for each administrator
  • Supports the latest versions of Tivoli Storage Manager
Collector function
  • Monitoring and Alerting Service: This feature allows you to quickly notify administrators and operators about current problems or to change the threshold values ​​of the critical parameters of servers.
  • Reporting: The function allows at specified intervals to send reports on the state and the TSM server. Creating your own personal records
  • TSM performance and analyze: Engaged in the collection of key data at specified intervals and storing it in a database. On the basis of these data, administrator can determine the dynamics of the behavior of the TSM server, display graphics for some key parameters to forecast, plan a backup policy, to find performance bottlenecks in the TSM.
  • Long-term storage in the logs of all operations, performed by administrators and storage of critical configuration files of the server TSM
Remote control function TSM client
The third module is TSMExplorer Agent. This module is a lightweight agent, installed on clients’ hosts for a centralized TSM client configuration management of TSMExplorer and has the following features:
  • Remote viewing and cleaning the client logs
  • Modification of the TSM client configuration files and scripts
  • Remote managementof dsmc dsmcutil tools
  • View processes TSM client's status
  • View information about the host
TSMExplorer at work